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About The Genisys?

The Genisys is a leading web development company located in Lucknow, India. We have young and energetic team with over 15 years experience in the web & graphic design industry. The creative people at The Genisys believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital works that are both innovative and measurable. We've been developing websites since 2008.


For us, nothing is pre-defined. Every client has a unique need that needs an equally unique solution. And each time, the idea is to blend trendy designs, simple usability and futuristic technology so that your clients truly love to interact with you (A very first goal of any business).


From complex web-based apps to the simplest websites, we cater to all things digital. As the web becomes integral to every business, our focus is making the web simple and accessible even for the smallest businesses. We are skilled in UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) topics.


Code mess is the most common sin of all web solutions. Such applications can be considered as working prototypes only and are not suitable for day-to-day production use. We recommending MVC & AJAXED framework and we used it with great success in most of our projects.


After dealing with clients (a whole lot of them and some of the craziest), we understand client challenges like the back of our hand. And even before we do our research, our amazing mind reading abilities allow us to recommend foretell practical & realistic solutions.


1659, 1st Floor, Vinod Plaza Sec I, Ashiana Lucknow - 226012, India

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