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THE BASIC PHASES: We Always Gone Through...

#1 Web Project & Preliminary Research

  1. First, discussing about your project and requirement!
  2. Gathering all the specifications of the web project
  3. Extensive, in-depth research of the industry and competition
  4. Determining the project's type, scope, time frame, and budget
  5. Preparation of a detailed project proposal with the breakdown of the features, technologies, phases of work, time-line, exact costs, and other important details

#2 Website Architecture & Strategic Planning

  1. Conception of the main goals of the website (preferred customer pathway)
  2. Conception of the website's flow
  3. Preparation of the site's tree architecture
  4. Preparation of a detailed chart showing the different areas of the website and their features
  5. Optimization of the navigation according to the website goals

#3 Web Design & Graphic Design Work

  1. Conception and creation of the graphic theme of the website, including color scheme, atmosphere, general look and feel, etc.
  2. Design of the website based on the layout and structure
  3. Conception and creation of all the graphic elements of the website

#4 Web Development & Website Programming

  1. Top quality hand coding (XHTML / CSS / JavaScript) of all the web pages
  2. Programming and Integration of Flash elements (ActionScript)
  3. Advanced programming and integration of latest web technologies (AJAX / advanced PHP / .NET (VB/C#) / advanced JavaScript / advanced ActionScript)
  4. Programming and integration of the databases (PHP / MYSQL OR dot NET / MS SQL)
  5. Programming of the website back-end (PHP / MYSQL or dot NET / MS SQL)

#5 Quality Assurance and Launch

  1. Extensive testing to ensure the website is 100% bug free and is fully compatible on all major browsers
  2. Fine tuning the final details of the website design and features
  3. Configuration and setup of the server that will host the website, including all email addresses
  4. Migration of the site to the live server and launch!

#6 Promotion, Statistics and Reporting

  1. Extensive on-page search engine optimization
  2. Extensive off-page SEO (more details about Search engine optimization techniques can be found on our blog)
  3. Configuration and setup of the server that will host the website, including all email addresses
  4. Setup and integration of an extensive solution to fully track the traffic on the site and get detailed in-depth reports and statistics
  5. Optimization of the website to achieve better score of speed result at Google Insight.


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